Eylenbosch Brewery does not yet have its own brewing facilities but brews all its beers itself.
How is this possible?
Our brewer, Klaas Vanderpoorten, will brew all our beers himself at partner breweries, each with their own specialities. We rent the equipment and have full control over the process. This is extremely important to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of our beers.

We brew the lambic in the kettles of Brewery De Troch in Wambeek.

For the top fermentation beers, we work with Brewery De Ranke in Dottignies (known for their bitter beers)

After brewing, the lambic wort is transported to our foeder barn at the Hof van Piemont, in Zellik, where it is left to mature slowly for several years.

The brewing process

Top fermentation

Spontaneous fermentation

Point of sales