General questions

Where are you located?

Our offices are located in Lierput 1B, 1730 Kobbegem, in the old brewershouse De Keersmaeker.

The ‘Foeder- shed’ (where our lambic matures in oak barrels) is located in the square farm of the Hof Van Piemont, Isidoor Crokaerstraat 167, 1731 Zellik.

Can we visit Eylenbosch?

The ‘Foeder- shed’ in the Hof Van Piemont does not have regular opening hours and is not generally open to the public. A few times a year, we open for visitors. Keep an eye on our Facebook for more information.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes, we are happy to organize a tasting upon request. Please send an email to for more information.

Where does the name Eylenbosch come from?

The name comes from its founder, Emile Eylenbosch, who founded the brewery in 1886.

Eylenbosch Brewery was a large lambic brewery in Schepdaal until the mid-20th century, but was closed in 1991. We revived this iconic brewery in 2019.

What became of the old brewery buildings in Schepdaal?

The old brewery buildings in Schepdaal have been renovated with great respect for the architecture and their history, and now serve as apartments, lofts and commercial spaces.

Where can I purchase your beers?

You can buy our beers in the webshop or in one of our points of sale. You can find the list here.


Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. More countries will be added over time. Do you live in a country that we do not yet ship to? Send us an email at and we will contact you.

When will my order be delivered?

Orders are shipped within 2 working days. We ship with Bpost.

Please note that we try to handle the above as best we can, but sometimes there can be delays if there is not enough stock.

How much does my shipping cost?


  • Region Asse, Dendermonde and Aalst: 5 EUR
  • Belgium except above regions: 10 EUR (depending on weight)

Netherlands: 25 EUR

France: 25 EUR

Luxembourg: 20 EUR

Where can I pick up your beer?

Our offices are located at Lierput 1B, 1730 Kobbegem, where you can collect your package – by appointment only.

An item in the webshop is temporarily sold out. When will it be back in stock?

This depends on the production time of the item. When it is back in stock, it will be immediately updated in the webshop. Do you have any questions about a sold-out item? Please send us an e-mail at


What type of beers do you have?

Our range consists of two types: lambic beers Eylenbosch and specialty beers Patience for Eylenbosch. More info on the beers can be found under ‘our beers‘.

Where does the name 'Patience for Eylenbosch' come from?

Good beer requires love, craftsmanship… and patience. That most certainly is true for Old Gueuze and Kriek. The first lambic was brewed in April 2019 and immediately started maturing in oak barrels, but tasting the Eylenbosch Oude,Gueuze and Kriek was only possible after years of patience, in January 2021 when the first production was ready. In the meantime, Eylenbosch could of course not be a brewery without beer. Therefore, awaiting our lambic beers, we brewed specialty beers of top fermentation, with the appropriate name “Patience for Eylenbosch”.

How long can you store the lambic beers?

The storage period of our Oude Gueuze, Oude Kriek and Schaarbeekse Oude Kriek is 10 years. The taste evolves over the years.

Our Wild Blond has a storage period of 5 years and our Oude Lambiek has a storage period of 7 years.

How long can you store the Patience for Eylenbosch beers?

Onze Patience for Eylenbosch has a storage period of 2 years

Which hops are used in your beers?

We only use 100% Belgian-grown hops. More info on the hops used can be found under ‘our beers‘.

What is the best way to store the lambic beers?

The lambic beers are best stored in a cool dark place.

The Patience for Eylenbosch beers are best stored upright

The lambic beers can be stored lying down and if you want to keep them for a long time (more than 2 years), this is also recommended. Otherwise, it is best to put them upright.

Note! If you store the lambic beers lying down, it is best to put them upright a few days before opening so that the yeast can settle at the bottom.

What is the best way to pour your beers?

The Patience beers and the lambic beers are best poured in one go. Always try to ensure that as little yeast as possible enters your glass. This is not unhealthy but can affect the taste.

Therefore, always put the lambic beers upright a few days before opening, or use a pouring basket.