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We at Brewery Eylenbosch have great plans, and we’d like everyone to take part in them. That is why we launch a crowdfunding project

Eylenbosch wants to be able to stock as soon as possible no less than 1,500 hectolitres of lambic beer. For this purpose we need 15 “foeders” , 100 “pipes” and 100 barrels, all made of oak. In order to generate the financial means to make this possible, we call on the input of beer lovers through crowdfunding. The target amount is 150,000 euro.

The crowdfunding will be used entirely for the purchase of these foeders, pipes and barrels.

We are proud to announce that by December 31, 2020 we already have two foeders, 107 pipes and 235 barrels in use, and the next fifteen foeders have been ordered and will be delivered in April 2021. And we keep going!